These are true and REAL testimonials from people who have trained with us at our school. We love to hear feedback from our clients! Find out what people who attended our school are saying about Salvatore Piazza’s K-9 Services Unlimited, Inc. / Piazza’s Professional Dog Training School. In 40 years, we have trained hundreds of dogs. Please read some of our REAL clients testimonials. People that have taken our courses not just disagree with what we believe so they leave a bad review. 


May I take this opportunity to say thank you to an incredible dog trainer who not only helped me, but also my entire family. We enrolled in Mr. Piazza’s behavioral dog training course for our dog who was adopted from a local shelter. When we arrived home with the dog, he started showing aggressive behavior. It was a few days that we had him, and he nipped my wife and daughter. They assured us at the shelter that he was very good with people and other animals. This was a flat out lie. When we contacted the shelter, they just told us to go to a trainer to fix the problem and that maybe it was something we did. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had the dog looked at by a trainer who was to be on the nice side, very rude and condescending. At that point I was close to giving the dog back to the shelter. I found Mr. Piazza’s business online and gave him a call. I noticed that there were negative reviews about the business and I asked him some questions. He assured me that they were false and that the people who left these reviews never attended K-9 Services Unlimited. That it was because he took a stance on Pitbulls, and some didn’t like it. After a long discussion, we set up an evaluation. His wife Jessica was very sweet, and we enrolled in their program. Not only did we enjoy the training program, but Mr. Piazza was also a true gentleman the entire time. He was very understanding and did a great job with all of us. We highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a trainer. Mr. Piazza is an expert when he trains the dog. He gets results. 

Rick & Tina 



I was told to call Mr. Piazza from a friend who said he was the best and most experienced dog trainer out there. After meeting Sal and his wife Jessica, I had no doubt, I made the right decision. What a sense of humor they both have. I also met their two little boys Santino and Rocky. I spent 12 weeks training there, and I will say now that there is no better place to train your dog than K-9 Services Unlimited. Sal has knowledge of dogs that is very impressive. He took my dog Brutus, and transformed him into the most amazing obedient dog I have ever owned. Jessica was very instrumental in working with us too. She is very sweet and a pleasure to be around. If you are looking for a Dog trainer, do not think you will find a better trainer than Sal. He also makes a mean Hamburg. Thank you to the Piazza family for an amazing time at training. Thank you also for spending personal time with my family at your cookouts. You are beautiufl people.

Andy, Kim and Brutus


Congratulations K-9 Services Unlimited for hitting 40 years in business. Not many businesses have survived so many years and it’s nice to see that there is a long standing business in Central NY. I remember K-9 Services being on Albany Street in Utica with Police cars from out of state being parked on Albany Street. I would see them at St, Anthony on Bleeker street where the gas station was, working and training. They would be doing obedience training then start sending dogs in the old school training the Police Dogs. I used to be amazed at the way those dogs listened. I miss those days. Again, congratulations for still being in buisness all these years.

Tom T.


Signs down we thought we lost a very good trainer in our area. We were so happy to see that Sal is still training dogs. We enrolled in his class when I was pregnant for my son back in 1988 when he was training in Utica. My son is now 35 and has enrolled in the Advanced Obedience course. He passes by K-9 Services everyday on Higby Rd, going to work and when he told me the signs were back up, we were so excited. Although he has not completed his course, we are sure of what the results will be. Sal is by far in our opinion the best dog trainer in this area. He has always treated us well and is not only a great trainer, but he also is a gentleman and a very funny person. We enjoy every moment spent with Sal. If anyone is looking for a dog trainer, know this, you will not find a better trainer than Sal. Again, so happy you are doing what you do best.

Linda & Lisa D.


We want to thank K-9 Services Unlimited and Sal Piazza for saving our dog Jack. We adopted Jack from a local shelter and they recommended another trainer. It was the biggest mistake we could have made. When we arrived at his place, he didn’t take the time to get to know our dog. He just said Jack was pathetic and we should euthanize him. We coudn’t believe our ears. This person did not spend anytime with us or our dog yet told us to euthanize him. We were at our wits end. That is until one of our friends told us to take him to Sal Piazza because he was the best. Being nervous because of our first experience we were relcutant but made an appointment. What a difference Sal made when we met him. He spent two hours with us just talking and he assured us that if we listened we would see a big change in our Jacks behavior. Well, Sal was right. We could not believe the difference in just a few short weeks. We now have a lovable dog that loves people and is very well behaved. Thank you Sal and we will always recommend your services to anyone looking to train their dog.

Sheri and Robert. 


Coming from a person who has some experience raising dogs, I have to give K-9 Services Unlimited props. When I met with Jessica and Sal Piazza they were very friendly and I felt as if I was with family. One thing for sure is don’t test Sal’s knowledge when it comes to animal behavior because I thought I knew more than I did until Sal reajusted my attitude with his unlimited knowledge regarding dogs in general. I don’t believe in trainers being able to read a dogs mind, that is until I met Sal. I swear he knows what your dog is thinking and what moves it will make next. I am more than happy I signed up with K-9 Services Unlimited. Jessica and Sal really know what they are doing and that’s why they came highly recommended. Thank you both for training Sam and myself in your advanced program. 


I have known Sal Piazza for over 35 years. I met him when we were invloved with show dogs back in 1987 when I owned my dog Bear. I watched Sal train many dogs and hands down he is the best. I would recommend anyone to him because I saw first hand how good he is. 

Vinny A.

Sal & Jessica, thank you for everything you have done for us. You both are truly remarkable people and we are so happy that we chose your school. We have a dog that comes when called now and will stay no matter how we try to get him to take the bait and move. You really did a fantastic job and we will see you soon.

Mary Lou

Mr. Piazza, 

Thank you for a job well done. Rex is doing amazingly well and we couldn’t be happier. You truly are the dog training spcecialists. 

Rick and Mary


I am not one to usually write testimonials for any business or person. However, I felt this necessary due to my circumstances. I am the owner of a Poodle in which we purchased for my daughter who has emotional issues due to an abusive relationship. My daughter became very shy and unwilling to trust people and her dog who she named hero and has become her best friend. When we called around for a professional dog trainer, a few had poor attitudes toward myself and daughter because they said my daughter would not pass a training course due to her shyness. Not only was I very upset that people would not take the time to get to know us and our dog, but I gave up looking. This made my daughter very upset. Through a friend I was told about a trainer in Frankfort who came very highly recommended and she said he was truly amazing with people and dogs. So I called K-9 Services Unlimited. What a pleasant surprise. I talked with his wife Jessica and she made an appointment for Sal to meet us. When we arrived Sal met us at his facility and talked to both my daughter and myself first before looking at the dog. He spent over an hour listening to us not once interrupting and then he met Hero. Hero was a little on the shy side but it was remarkable how he snuggled up to Sal. We enrolled in his courses and began training. What were the results? My daughter is 26 years old and has gone through so much and as I said became a recluse. After training with Sal, we have our daughter back. He took the time to sit and talk with her before and after training. He invited us up to his house for cookouts. His wife Jessica was so nice and very helpful giving us notes each week. I must thank Sal for his understanding and patience. He went above and beyond what we expected. He truly cared and our dog is not only a companion for my daughter, but a fantastic obedient dog. Anyone looking to hire a professional dog trainer please remember what he did for us. Sal is truly a gentlemen and has a true gift from God to help people. Thank you Sal & Jessica for everything. God bless you both.

Caroline K and Bethann


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