In 40 years of instructing, training, and working dogs and handlers, We have come to realize one thing. There is no shortcut when it comes to the art of dog training. We have had many clients who have enrolled in other schools only to find that all they were interested in was the almighty dollar. These schools brag about how nice their recreation room is or how much money the student can make. They forget that the most important part of the student’s class is learning techniques that will insure that no matter what breed of dog they are training, no matter what temperament they are dealing with, they will be successful.

At K-9 Services Unlimited / Piazza’s Professional Dog Training School, We will personally see to it that every student who enrolls in our Instructors course will have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional dog trainer.

Pet Requirements

Vaccinations a must.

All dogs must be vaccinated. Training starts as early as 10 weeks. So please bring proof of any and all vaccinations your dog has had. 

Rules when at our facility.

Always bring two collars and leashes with you. Bring only soft treats for your pet. No dogs are allowed out of the vehicles until a staff member or helper asks you to come out. This is to prevent accidents from happening. Please bring bags to clean up after your dogs. No dogs allowed on the agility course unless you have taken our agility classes. We do not allow foul language at our facility. Please refrain from using any derogatory words. No disrespect will be allowed by anyone. You must treat staff and clients will dignity and respect at all times. If you have children they must be under control and well behaved. They will not be allowed to run a round and have no dicipline. Again we do not want to have any accidents. All clients while training at our facilities must abide by these rules. Anyone who violates them will be given a warning to please adhere to the rules at K-9 Services Unlimited. The second time you will be asked to leave and you will use one of your lessons up. The third time your contract will be terminated with no refunds given. We want to make your time with us fun and enjoyable. So please have courtesy.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for additional information on our classes and services.
“We are the “Dog Training Specialists”
Service Dogs, Physical Disability and Emotional Support.

About Us

K-9 Services Unlimited is well known in the Central NY area. We have been serving the Mohawk Valley for 40 years and still going strong. Others have tried to copy our good name but fall short when it comes to expertise. Salvatore Piazza and his staff have more experience than any other training facility combined. Being a certified dog instructor, Sal is an expert in animal behavior and gets the job done everytime.

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We offer a variety of dog training obedience classes, we are here to help you. Dog and puppies are to remain leashed and be under the control of their owner at all times during class. Current vaccinations including Bordetella, must show proof before class starts.

Looking For A Professional?

For 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the dog training profession. With more experience than any other trainer in Central NY State and the Mohawk Valley, we have been setting dog training standards, changing the way trainers and people think about dog behavior.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for additional information on our classes and services.

“We are the “Dog Training Specialists”


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