We would like to thank everyone who chose our school throughout the years for all their dog training needs. After many years of contemplation, we have  decided to retire and close the business. So again, thank you so much and God bless you all. 


At K-9 Services Unlimited, we have more experience than any other Dog Training School in Central NY. We not only train the dog, but educate the owners. Give us a call today.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for additional information on our classes and services.
“We are the “Dog Training Specialists”
Service Dogs, Physical Disability and Emotional Support.

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It’s hard to believe that over 36 years have come and gone since I started training dogs. It seems like yesterday when I went to Carl’s Drug store to purchase a $2 leash for our Beagle, King. I was 9 years old at the time and even back then, I felt compelled to learn about animals.

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We offer a variety of dog training obedience classes, we are here to help you. Dog and puppies are to remain leashed and be under the control of their owner at all times during class. Current vaccinations including Bordetella, must show proof before training starts.

Training for your dog should begin as soon as 8 -10 weeks old. However all ages of dogs can be trained. When you start early training, you can avoid all the behavioral problems that occur by spoiling the dog. Remember, if you treat your dog like a human, it will treat you like a dog.


By not teaching or setting rules, you are contributing to all the problems. Our courses help you understand how to prevent problems by establishing communication with your family pet.

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We will personally see to it that every student who enrolls in our Instructors course will have the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional dog trainer. 


With 36 years in the dog training business, we have more experience than any other dog trainer in Central NY. We have given many different seminars in all different settings.

We are the Dog Training Specialists.









All our clients are considered family. We become very good friends and will always treat our clients with dignity and respect. At K-9 Services Unlimited we make it fun to train your dog. We always instruct our students to use more motivation than corrections. Come see why we are considered the best.

The Dog Training Specialists


I am writing to thank you for the extra service you have given to our K-9 Program. Upon receiving K-9 Canto, it was evident that he needed more training. When we started this training using our regular trainer, the situation got worse. 

At this time you volunteered to take over the training of Canto on yoru own time and made recommendations as to how the training should progress and who should be working with this K-9. It should be noted that at this time our Supervisor of Security was on disablilty leave and that I was therefore directly supervising the K-9 program. Because of the circumstances I am paticularly grateful that you were able and willing to step in and take charge of the problem. 

Not only did your training develop Canto into one of the best K-9’s in our department but you also volunteered to train and certify at no cost to the Institute, Canto’s handler Patrolman Les Dryer. It is obvious that Les has also become a more competant handler and he and K-9 Canto are now an excellent team and a valuable asset to the Institute. 

Thank you for this outstanding contribution to the Munson Williams-Proctor Institute.

Barton R. Rasmus
Director Physical Plant and Security


To Whom It May Concern,
Letter of Recommendation -Salvatore Piazza Canine Trainer

I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Piazza extensively during the last 12 months. I first met Mr. Piazza while attending a five week Police canine handlers course. During this time he was attending the same school as a Police Canine Trainer. 

I found Mr. Piazza’s style of instructing and training most refreshing. Seldom in today’s world does one find an individual totally committed to a project. Mr. Piazza’s determination to be the best possible instructor/Trainer was evident from the first day. His common sense approach matched with a great deal of natural ability makes him, in my opinion an excellent trainer of both canine and handlers. 

In closing, I have no reservations recommending Mr. Piazza for future canine training responsibilities. 

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Moody
K-9 Police Officer 

Our sincere thanks for a great job, you were highly recommended and now we know why. We really appreciate all of your time and patience, we definitely learned a lot, which allows us to enjoy our dog for years to come. Thanks again We hope to be back sometime for more training courses. 

Stacy Hanson and Brian Helmer

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For over 36 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the dog training profession. With more experience than any other trainer in Central NY State and the Mohawk Valley, we have been setting dog training standards, changing the way trainers and people think about dog behavior.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for additional information on our classes and services.

“We are the “Dog Training Specialists”


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